The videos are categorised into:

  • Demo and disseminations videos
  • Scientific videos (see below)


Demo and dissemination videos

INAIL video on ergoCub, a 5-million 3-year project on ergonomy and human sensing the lab started with INAIL


Our walking and teleoperation demo during the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show 


Preparing the walking demo for the D&G fashion show


iCub reactive walking 


iRonCub flight simulation


1st AnDy sensorized suit


Fifty shades of green - best video blooper award ICRA 2019


Dynamic Interaction Control lab's 2018 Year In Review


iCub dynamic balancing and walking


iCub teleoperated walking and manipulation


The AnDy Project – teaser - a H2020 EU project the lab coordinates


The future of work: human-robot collaboration


Codyco, an FP7 EU project that the lab coordinated when Francesco Nori worked at IIT, and was leading the laboratory


iCub performing highly dynamic Tai Chi while interacting with humans


iCub, concorrente artificiale


iCub balancing on one foot while interacting with humans


iCub balancing via external force control: first year results of the CoDyCo project


Scientific videos

The videos below are associated to some of the lab publications.

On the Emergence of Whole-body Strategies from Humanoid Robot Push-recovery Learning


DILIGENT-KIO: A Proprioceptive Base Estimator for Humanoid Robots Using EKF on Matrix Lie Groups

Modeling of Visco-Elastic Environments for Humanoid Robot Motion Control

Jerk Control of Floating Base Systems with Contact-Stable Parametrised Force Feedback
Shared Control of Robot-Robot Collaborative Lifting with Agent Postural and Force Ergonomic Optimization
In-Situ Translational Hand-Eye Calibration of Laser Profile Sensors Using Arbitrary Objects
Model-Based Real-Time Motion Tracking using Dynamical Inverse Kinematics
Non-Linear Trajectory Optimization for Large Step-Ups: Application to the Humanoid Robot Atlas
Modeling, Identification and Control of Model Jet Engines for Jet Powered Robotics
Direct force feedback control and online multi-task optimization for aerial manipulators
Whole-Body Geometric Retargeting for Humanoid Robots
Online DCM Trajectory Generation for Push Recovery of Torque-Controlled Humanoid Robots
Torque and Velocity Controllers to Perform Jumps With a Humanoid Robot: Theory and Implementation on the iCub Robot
A Benchmarking of DCM Based Architectures for Position and Velocity Controlled Walking of Humanoid Robots
Robust Real-time Whole-Body Motion Retargeting from Human to Humanoid


Online DCM Trajectory Generation for Push Recovery of Torque-Controlled Humanoid Robots